Dance Music Theatre

Created for the Kunstenfestivaldesarts (2007), Isabella Soupart’s K.O.D. (Kiss Of Death) production selects one of Shakespeare’s emblematic plays, Hamlet, as point of anchor. Theatre, in this case, is not subordinated to text. Body expression, however, is of paramount importance, prompting various effects and separate meanings. From the deconstruction of text and movement there emerges a stronger connotation. The decline of our world and its mutations are questioned and fragments of interviews and testimony enhance the vision of a world under surveillance, where media is given too much importance. Set against a rock musical background performed live, actors and dancers crash head-on to power mecanisms, to the violence of love, folly and destruction. All this is amplified by visual artist Kurt D’Hasseleer’s piercing lens, which captures the play’s intrinsicality, but also through a rythmic performance see-sawing between restraint and exaltation. A Hamlet steeped in a design akin to Lynch’s « disquieting strangeness » technique to cinema. Hamlet « revisited ».


Concept, direction & choreography Isabella Soupart • With Bérengère Bodin, Itsik Elbaz, Charles François, Zoë Poluch, Olivier Taskin • Musician Filip Wauters • Scenography Jim Clayburgh • Video Kurt D’Haeseleer • Sound design Thomas Turine, Malèna Sardi • Light design Xavier Lauwers • Sound Marc Doutrepont • Costumes Nathalie Maufroy, Lieve Meeussen • Playwrite Hildegard De Vuyst, Stéphane Taquet • Artistic Advisors Jean-Luc Breuer, Angélique Wilkie • Assistants Isabelle De Cannière, Elise Vandergoten • Administration & Coordination Marie Maloux • Communication Emmanuelle Soupart • Tour management & coordination Nicole Petit.


Production  2007 • Made in Bruxelles.


Kunstenfestivaldesarts Brussels (BE) • The Koninklijke Vlaamse Schouwburg (KVS) Brussels (BE) • Festival Temps d’Images ARTE, La Ferme du Buisson (FR) • Les Halles Brussels (BE) • H&B Management, Hugues Bultot (BE).
With the support of Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles – Service de la danse et du théâtre (BE).

Photography©Sarah Van Marcke