Isabella Soupart
Performing Arts



Dag van de Dans - April 24th 2021

A performance combining dance, sound and songs. The choreographer Isabella Soupart offers a refined score for body and voice, performed by dancer, singer, performer Johanna Willig Rosenstein and the young Flemish electro minimalist duo Arto Van Roey and Jacob Hus.As part of Dag van de Dans 2021, the choreographer will present a try out of this new project.


New Project Online - March 21th 2021

A virtual performance studying time-experience in relation to architectural space, dance, sound, field recording and visual art. 20th March 2021. From midday to midnight. Watch On Vimeo OTT (Pay per view).


Film Concertgebouw Brugges 2020

Stretch Timemonochromes, a dance video, is a remote dance/music project created in solidarity with all those who are socially isolated because of COVID-19. Dancer Sara Tan enters into a dialogue with the pianist Guy Vandromme on the works of Graig Shepard (December) and Anastassis Philippakopoulos (Piano 3). With the support of the artistic & technical team of Concertgebouw Brugge – June 2020


Isabella Soupart - 2019

Choreographer Isabella Soupart is the winner of the SACD Choreography Prize (BE) 2019, Nominated for a Total Theater Awards Edinburgh (UK) 2019, White & Case (NY) Talented Woman Artist of the Year 2019, Nominated for the Maeterlinck Critics Prize (BE) 2019, Appointed to the Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative (NY) 2007.