Dance Sound visual art

A group of dancers/performers take turns, in a physical, rhythmic and mesmerizing test of endurance, performing and transforming a series of existing, trance-like dances from pop culture.
The audience enters and exits freely, within six hours, defining their personal time of experience.

British visual artist Jonathan Sullam, a regular collaborator of the choreographer, sculpts the museum space with a forest of water columns.


Isabella Soupart (Concept, direction & choreography)

Jonathan Sullam (Installations & visual art)

With Eléonore Valère-Lachky (dance), Shantala Pèpe (dance), Popaul Amisi (dance & voice), Sara Tan (dance), Frauke Mariën (dance), Rose Sall Sao (dance), Fouad Nafili (dance), Manou Koreman (dance), Johanna Willig Rosenstein (dance & voice), Anna Zurkirchen (dance), Meri Pajunpaä (dance), Kayoko Minami (dance), Wendy Pamba (dance)

Christine Verschorren (sound design), Music Rubén Orio (drums), Jacob Hus (bass), Arto Van Roey (guitar), Olivier Taskin (drums & performer), Axel Gilain (musical composition & guitar), Margaret Hermant (violin)

Prints by visual artist Rébecca Fruitman

Marine Stevens, Paloma Garcia Martens, Françoise Colpé (styling & costumes)

Noémie Sonveau (assistant production & coordination), Cristina Conoci (artistic assistant), Matthieu Vergez (technical Direction)

Aurélien Bihr, Philippe Guilbert (Video images)

Danny Willems @Photography


Production H&B Hugues Bultot


Co-production MAD Brussels Fashion and Design Platform. Supported by La Direction des arts plastiques contemporains de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles – SPFB-COCOF – La Ville de Bruxelles.