Film Performance
How do we imagine tomorrow’s artistic spaces ? Belgian choreographer Isabella Soupart and British visual artist Jonathan Sullam, move in museum work spaces where they create a research laboratory that questions and reviews the relationship  between the individual and the work of art. Together, they outline the merging of collective practices with creation through installation, film, art, dance, performance and architectural expression.
The Slow Down project will evolve over a two year period and will be seen in several cities of Europe, Canada and the USA. It will be adapted and reinvented as it crosses different architectural locations.

Concept & direction Isabella Soupart, Jonathan Sullam • Director of photography Philippe Guilbert • Camera assistant Zoé Vink • Sound Engineer Luis Trinques • Editing Jonathan Sullam • Music band Victoria + Jean • Drummer Olivier Tasquin • Performed by Paul Amisi • Eléonore Valère Lachky • Sara Tan • Andréa Hackl • Eliane Nsanze • Esse Vanderbruggen • Shantala Pèpe • Una Bjarnadóttir • Laurent Delorm • Neus Barcons Roca • Uiko Watanabe.


Production 2018 • H&B Production Hugues Bultot (BE).


MRBAB Fine Arts Museum (BE). Photography©Isabella Soupart


03.04.2017 → 03.04.2017