A virtual immersion to the film of Belgian choreographer and director Isabella Soupart. A new format studying time experience in relation to architectural space, dance, sound, field recordings and visual art. A collaboration between choreographer and pianist and musical director Guy Vandromme. Stretch Timemonochromes will be broadcast online on 18 March as part of Klara Festival 2021.


Director & choreographer Isabella Soupart
Musical director & pianist Guy Vandromme
Dancer Johanna Willig Rosenstein

Music Composer Eva-Maria Houben (Drei Choräle)

Director of photography Julien Lambert
Camera operator Johan Legraie
Field recording and audio set up Roel Snellebrand
Set designer Aurélien Bihr
Film editor Elie Rabinovitch
Sound mixer and editor Silas Bieri
Colorist Maxime Tellier
Production manager Noémie Sonveau


Production Made in Bruxelles / ACT2 2021


With the support of
Vlaamse overheid  Klarafestival  Festival ARTONOV  Wallonie-Bruxelles International (WBI)

Film set & location Wild Gallery Brussels
Steinway & Sons – 1986 – Collection Paul Mercelis
Extract from « L’Eclisse » by Michelangelo Antonioni
Many thanks to Ictus Ensemble  Ilse Geens  Emmanuelle Soupart  Profirst