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A new format studying time- experience into relation to architectural space, movement, dance, sound, field recordings and art.

Stretch + Timemonochromes is a performance set up by director, choreographer and visual artist Isabella Soupart and musical director /pianist Guy Vandromme where the idea of their collaboration is to research into the existing biotope of a museum and more in particular the actual relation between the work of art and the public. How do we relate to our heritage, what kind of presentation formats do put the work of art in an active dialogue with the visitor, how creative the museum or the curator will involve the visitor in a search for new forms of perception?
The purpose of Stretch + Timemonochromes is to conceive a tailor made roadmap for each museum of artistic interventions where the existing dramaturgy of the surrounding art works is dismantled by the co-relation that will pop up during the incisions of movement, dance and music in order to find out how the visitor’s time notion is stretched around a new form of attention, concentration and by all means new ways of looking at the space, the architecture and the works around you.