Stretch – Timemonochromes, a dance video, is a remote dance/music project created in solidarity with all those who are socially isolated because of COVID-19. The production, a collaboration between choreographer Isabella Soupart and pianist / music producer Guy Vandromme has been set up based on the partnership with artists all over the world, where Sara Tan as the single dancer goes into dialogue with the filmmaker Ingel Ingel Vaikla based on new version of music of Michael Pisaro-Liu “ A room outdoors” (realized by Adriaan Slak / Guy Vandromme), Drei Choräle of Eva-Maria Houben (Guy Vandromme) and music of Tobias Hume ( viola da gamba – Luciana Elizondo). It is the first of a series of creative projects that we will share as we continue to explore ways to interact with distant audiences.
You can watch the full video on April 25th from 5pm to 11pm as part of Dag van de Dans via our channels on Facebook, IGTV, Youtube and Vimeo