Ballet Electro Pop

SILENCE explores the malleability of time, immobility and the iconography of movement in a digital and analog world. The choreographer conceives a pop-electro ballet, in the wake of pop-rock-punk culture. A performance in which the inclusiveness of this world is offered as a quest and a response to this 21st century, multiple and globalized.


Isabella Soupart (concept, direction & choreography)

Guy Vandromme (musical direction), Silas Bieri (sound design)

Johanna Willig Rosenstein (dance & voice), Amine Mazhoud (dance), Eleni Roberts (dance), Elsa Tagawa (dance), Olivier Taskin (performance & drum), Macarena Bielski Lopez (dance & voice), Silvia Marazzi (dance)

Guy Vandromme (piano), Gašper Piano (electric guitar), Olivier Taskin (percussion)

Isabella Soupart, Guy Vandromme (dramaturgy), Bérengère Bodin (artistic assistant)

Jim Clayburgh (lighting), Elie Brice (technical direction), Thibault Dupont (technical direction and sound engineer)


Production Made in Brussels / ACT2

Coproduction – Charleroi Danse, Festival Artonov 2022, Concertgebouw Brugge, In-discourse (SE)

With the support of Service Général de la Création Artistique (Fédération Wallonie – Bruxelles), Vlaanderen Verbeelding werkt, en Muziektheater Walpurgis