Inspired by Wim Wender’s ‘Etat Des Choses’ (the state of things), and stemming directly from visual artist Kurt D’Hasseleer’s work on K.O.D., Red Room views the waiting time and idle moments spent by a director and his team when shooting a film. In a villa in the middle of nowhere, a young film maker and his team shoot the first scenes of a political thriller. Suddenly, the producer disappears for no given reason. The shooting is suspended and the team, at first full of great expectations, slowly goes adrift. Red Room unveils the frailties of youth in search of meaning.


Director Isabella Soupart • Screenwriter Isabella Soupart & Stephane Taquet • Camera Kurt D’Haeseleer • Yves Gervais • Isabella Soupart • Camera assistant Ana Samoilovich • Editing Mathieu Haessler • Rudi Maerten • Cast Bérengère Bodin • Charles François • Jo Mahieu • Olivier Taskin • Zoë Poluch • Nicole Oliver • Music Jo Mahieu • Sound engineer Marc Doutrepont • Production assistant Chloé Thôme • Color grading Charbon Studio – Michaël Cinquin.


Production 2010
Producer H&B films Production Hugues Bultot (BE).


Co-producer COBRA Films – Anne Deligne et Daniel De Valck (B).
Festival Temps d’Images-ARTE (FR).